'Transfer License' vs. 'Inherit Backup State' 'Transfer License' vs. 'Inherit Backup State'

'Transfer License' vs. 'Inherit Backup State'

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Please note: Before proceeding with any method of transferring your license you should make sure that you do not need to retrieve any data from your previous backup. If you need to recover any data, please create a restore before proceeding. You can find our guide on creating a restore here

There are two methods of moving a paid license from your original computer to a new computer or installation. Both methods will properly license the new installation, but the way in which it is handled differs, the two methods are Inherit Backup State or Transfer License. You can find both these methods explained below:

Inherit Backup state: 

An Inherit Backup State will resume your old backup on your new computer/hard drive. This is good if all of the data is exactly the same, and you would prefer to reassociate your preexisting backup with your new installation of the Backblaze software. This is also usually the best option to choose when you are upgrading your Operating System or just reinstalling the Backblaze software on the same computer.  

This process will scan and compare the current contents of your computer to what has been previously backed up to our servers, skip over files that have been previously uploaded so that you do not have to upload them again, and move on to backup what data is new and not present in your old backup.

Please find a detailed guide on how to use our Inherit Backup State option here

Transfer License:

The Transfer License option is good if you want to start an entirely new backup using the license from your old backup. This process deletes the old backup currently using the license, freeing up the license to be used on the new installation. This option could be preferable because this is an all-new computer, you want a fresh backup of the existing system, or you do not need the files from your old computer/backup.

You can find a detailed guide on how to transfer your license from one computer to another here