How do I purchase a license for my trial installation? How do I purchase a license for my trial installation?

How do I purchase a license for my trial installation?

Lin Lin

To properly license your trial backup, follow the below steps:


1. After logging into your account, there are two places on the "Overview" page that you can purchase a license from. You can either click the "buy" button in the "License" section, or you can click the text that says "Buy unlimited backup for the computer above" 






2. A license can also be purchased by going to, navigating to the tab named "Personal Backup", and clicking on the button labeled "Buy"





3. Selecting the purchase option from any of the three mentioned locations will bring you to the below screen. If you only want to purchase a license for your single backup leave additional licenses at "0", if you want to buy licenses for additional computers, select the number of licenses you wish to purchase in addition to your current backup. Select either the monthly, yearly, or 2-year plan, and fill out your credit card information. When you have filled out all of your information, select the "Buy Backblaze" button.





4. When the purchase has been completed you will see the below confirmation dialogue.



(if you do not already have the software installed, you can also install it from the screen. If the software is already installed, disregard the download links shown)



5. After purchasing you will see on the "Overview" page of your account that your license will now say "Paid Unlimited" instead of "Trial". 




If you still see your license listed as a trial after purchasing, please try refreshing the page or logging back into your account.