Setting Up Extended Version History

With the extended version history feature, you will be able to extend the historic 30 days of file retention to 1 year, or forever, as long as the account remains in good standing.  If you stop paying for the Backblaze service, the data will be deleted from the account. This also includes external drives, when they are disconnected.

Setting up Extended Version History

There are two main scenarios when you will set up version history on your account; when you are purchasing a license for a new account and when you have an existing account, and you wish to add this feature.

 Purchasing a new license

Once you click the buy tab and you are directed to the buy page you will sign in, and then you will see this screen:


You can click the version history field and choose; 30-day, 1-year or Forever.


Once you select the plan, check the purchase price. The price will be reflected by the license type that is selected in the user interface. The yearly license is $60.00, and the 1-year version history selected is $2.00 per month, since the license is yearly, this is an additional $24.00 for the year, which comes to a total of $84.00 as reflected below.



Purchasing a license on an existing account

If you have an existing account, you will need to go through the Backblaze web-portal.

On the overview page, you will see your computers with the version history selected, 30-day by default.

You can click the upgrade link here:


From here you can select the version history that suits you:


Once you have selected  the version history you would like, please click update. You will then be billed on the license type that is selected on the account. So for a 1-year license you will be charged a prorated amount of $24 ($2.00 x 12 months) to sync with the time remaining on your license.


The retention selection is per computer, so unless you enable the version history on every computer on the account, it will only be on the computer that you enable it on.

This option is not retroactive and will not bring back data that has already been removed from your online backup through the normal 30 day deletion. Any data that is currently in your online backup will be kept there according to the option you choose.


Please note: With Extended Version history, files removed over 30 days ago, or external drives disconnected for longer than 30 days will be retained on our servers; however, if files/drives have not been present for longer than 30 days they will not appear in your current backup view. You can adjust the date and time preferences in your View/Restore Files section to locate data that has been deleted, overwritten, or otherwise removed from the computer being backed up. Please reference the below guide on how to do so:
Restoring Deleted or Previous Versions of Files

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