Transaction History and Invoices Transaction History and Invoices

Transaction History and Invoices

Lin Lin

How to find your account's billing:


1. Sign in to the Backblaze account at 




2. Select "Billing" on the left-hand navigation. It can be found under the section labeled "Account"





What are the sections of the Billing page?


When you navigate to the billing page your view will depend on what services you have enabled on your account. For example, if you only use Online Backup, you will only see a single tab labeled "Online Backup", if you use both Online Backup and  B2, you will see both the Online Backup and B2 tabs, etc. Whatever combinations of services you use (Online Backup, B2, Groups) will display at the top of the billing page. Each section will also display the payment method, let you update your payment method, and display the transactions associated with the highlighted service.



Online Backup:


This tab will show you the collective billing for all computers and licenses for your account



The individual charges shown under "Transactions" can be expanded for a breakdown of that cost.


B2 Cloud Storage:


This tab will show you the collective charges for all usage of B2 cloud storage on your account. You will see charges for the previous months listed, as well as the estimated fee for the current month.


Expanding the individual sections will give you a breakdown of charges. Please note that this will not be broken down by bucket, and will be calculated across the entire account.




If you are Groups Admin, the Groups tab will allow you to see the billing for your Group.



If you administrate more than one group you can switch between groups by using the drop down menu.



The Transactions section of the Group billing tab will show you a breakdown of the charges for the group depending on what services (Online Backup, B2) you have enabled on the group. Please note that this will show a combination of all charges associated with the group, and will not show individual charges per group member.




How to print an invoice/payment history for your records

On the tab for the service you need to print transactions for, select "Print YTD Transactions" to create a printable record. 




If additional information is required, select "Customize" to edit the invoice. This will allow you to change the terminology for the printed invoice, as well as let you add any additional notes that you wish to be included on the record.





Please note: Recent transactions may take up to 48 hours to appear, depending on the bank or card issuer.