'Transfer License' vs. 'Inherit Backup State'

If you would like to move a paid license to a new computer, there are two ways to do so;  A 'Transfer License' or an 'Inherit Backup State'.  Both will allow you to transfer your paid license, but the way that they handle your backups differs:

When you perform a 'Transfer License', Backblaze will delete your backed up files from our servers and start anew from your new computer. This generally a good option when you do not need the files on your old computer.

When you conduct an 'Inherit Backup State', Backblaze will remember the files that you have uploaded so that you won't have to re-upload those same files if they are on your new computer. This is also generally the best option to choose when you are upgrading your OS or just reinstalling the Backblaze software on the same system.  


Last Updated: September 4, 2016

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