"Your bzfileids.dat file is too large" "Your bzfileids.dat file is too large"

"Your bzfileids.dat file is too large"

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As part of our backup process, Backblaze will run a checksum against each file before uploading it. This requires the entire bzfileids.dat file to be loaded into RAM. After a long time, or if you have an extraordinarily large number of files, the bzfileids.dat file can grow large causing the Backblaze directory to appear bloated. The only way to resolve this would be to repush (or re-upload all of your data).


To Repush your files:

1. Uninstall Backblaze. (for assistance with uninstalling please our guide on uninstalling here)

2. Go to https://secure.backblaze.com/update.htm and install a fresh trial.

3. Visit https://secure.backblaze.com/user_signin.htm and sign in to your Backblaze account with your email address and password.

4. Click on the "Preferences" link on the left-hand side navigation, and click the "Delete Backup" link to the right of the computer Backup's name that you wish to delete. This will delete this backup and free the license.

5. The license should now automatically apply to the new trial installation. If it does not, select the "Overview" link on the left-side navigation. And click the "Use License" button next to the name of the new installation.

(For a more in depth explanation with graphics please see our guide Removing a Backup from an Account and Reassiging a License)


Recommendation for how to minimize your vulnerability.  

You can install a trial on the 'new' machine and when the trial is almost fully uploaded you can initiate the Transfer License.  

Until you actually delete the license as shown in step 3, you will still be able to restore files from this backup.  

One thing to keep in mind, as part of our best practices we recommend that users be able to upload their data in 30 days:  Best Practices