How to use Explainfile on Mac How to use Explainfile on Mac

How to use Explainfile on Mac

Lin Lin

Backblaze has a diagnostic tool called "Explainfile" which can help determine why certain files aren't backed up accurately. The following guide will walk you through how to use this tool.


1. Download the Explainfile utility from here.


2. Locate the Explainfile where your files are set to download to; by default, this should be your "Downloads" folder.




2.  Mount the .dmg file by double clicking it and open the "Backblaze Explainfile Mac" application inside.



Depending on your System's Secutrity settings you might get a popup stating that there was an error opening the application because it is not from an indentified developer. To temporarily bypass this, right click on the app icon and choose "open"




3.  Once the app is open, select a file (not a folder) that is not backing up properly and click on the button labelled "Choose"




4. The script will then run to find any instances of the file in your Backblaze logs and input them in two files. When complete you should see the following dialogue (please note it may take a few moments for the script to complete)




5.  The outputted files, named "bzexplainfile.txt" and "bzexcluderules_editable.xml", will be found on your desktop.