Initial Backup Keeps Pausing Initial Backup Keeps Pausing

Initial Backup Keeps Pausing

nathan nathan

Backblaze keeps pausing, and still shows 'Initial Backup' even though I have 0 files remaining:


This indicates that there are some files that Backblaze cannot currently backup, so it can not complete your initial backup.  If Backblaze is unable to back up a file, it will temporarily skip the file and come back to it later.  Here are the most common things that will prevent Backblaze from uploading a file:

  • The permissions on the file will not allow us to read the file for backup.
  • The file is open in another program/application. 
  • This file is on an external drive that is not plugged in.

You can learn more about these issues here.

Another common issue that can interfere with an initial backup is if you have antivirus or other security software installed on your computer running on your computer. These programs can incorrectly identify Backblaze's processes as harmful, which can interfere with your backup. If that is the case then you would need to add Backblaze to the exclusions, or whitelist for your Antivirus or Security Software.


Guides for adding exclusions to some of the more popular Antivirus and Security programs, as well as how to disable your Antivirus or Security programs can be found linked in this article.