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Issues Report

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How can I see what files are being skipped?

Beginning with 2.5.1 or later,  you’ll be able to view the Issues report anytime by opening your Backblaze Preferences (Mac),or Backblaze Control panel (Win), and selecting 'Settings' and choosing the Reports (Mac) or Issues (PC) tab as noted below.  This will provide a list of the files that Backblaze has skipped and will attempt to back up again later.







Here is a breakdown of the error messages:


Permanent Bad Permissions – The permissions on the file will not allow us to read the file for backup.  To allow Backblaze to back up your files your 'System' user will need to have 'Read' permissions.  


Temporary File Busy – The file is open in another program/application.  You can either close out of your programs periodically, or you can reboot your computer.


Temporary Drive Unplugged – This file is on an external drive that does not appear to be connected anymore, so please plug in the drive and make sure that the drive is not sleeping.  You can learn more about missing drives here.