After Synchronizing With the Backblaze Datacenter, This Machine is Still Not Licensed


You have been using Backblaze and have a license. The Backblaze software was uninstalled and reinstalled, or reinstalled on a new system, and is running as a 15-day trial.

You go to the Backblaze control panels and click the "Already bought? Click here." link.


Then instead of your machine being licensed, you get this message:


What is going on?


Each new installation of Backblaze creates a unique Backblaze ID and backup. This prevents a new installation or reinstallation of the Backblaze software from overwriting an existing backup accidentally. 

There are few choices that you can make to license the new installation.

1. Delete the originally backed-up data and then use the license on the new installation.  This will remove the previous backup in totality, so if you need data from the previous backup, be sure to restore it before you delete the computer. After doing so, you can then transfer your license to the new installation.

2. Do an inherit backup state to inherit an existing backup and license from the current trial installation, under the same account. 

3. Purchase a license for the newly installed machine.

There are benefits to each method and draws backs.


1. By deleting the previous backup and using the license, it is simple and fast to get the new installation uploading and licensed.

2. The transfer backup state will attach you to to the previously uploaded data and the license.  You will not need to re-upload the data.

3. You have another license and can keep the previous backup. NOTE: If there is not a machine uploading to a backup state the data is only kept for 6 months.


1. You will have to upload all of the data again, but it will be a smaller footprint for the install.

2. You will not have to upload the data that is on the machine currently, if you have data that was backed up that is not on the machine when you do the transfer backup state, you have 30 days from the last time that data was seen to get the data back on to the machine or it will be removed from the backup.

3. You will have to pay for an additional license.




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