How to share a bucket with other users How to share a bucket with other users

How to share a bucket with other users

Lin Lin

When you create a bucket it is part of the account it is created under. But if you wish to be able to share the bucket with other users, there are a few ways that you can do so.


1. Sharing Login Credentials


The first, and perhaps most simple option, is to provide the login credentials (your username and password) to those you'd like to have access to the bucket. So they can log in to your account to access the data.


However, if you do not want other users to have access to your login information, this would not be ideal for you.


2. Create a group for sharing a bucket.


If you do not want to share login information, but still want other users to be able to view and access the bucket as you would through your account. You would want to create a group, make sure that it is set to "managed", invite the account with the bucket to the group and then add all users you wish to be able to access the bucket as admins of that group. 


Please see our comprehensive guide on groups here:


Our guide to adding administrators to a group here:


And finally how to view and manage a group member's account if you are an admin:


3. Share access through application keys


Another option, if you do not want the account where the bucket is housed to be viewable, and only a specific bucket, is to do so through application keys. You would want to create an application key with permission to access the bucket and share the key and key id with the users you wished to have access to that bucket. Then the easiest way for them to access the bucket would be using those credentials along with one of our supported integrations, although it is also possible to do so through the Command Line Interface.


For more about application keys please see the following documentation:


And our full list of partner integrations: