B2 Mobile App Overview - Android B2 Mobile App Overview - Android

B2 Mobile App Overview - Android

Lin Lin

Below you will find an overview of the B2 app for mobile. Please note that in some instances for full functionality you will need to use the web version.


Create a Bucket:

Buckets can be created through the mobile app, and can have Object Lock enabled if desired. Although it should be noted that all buckets created through the mobile app will default to Private. If you wish for a bucket to be public, this will need to be adjusted via the web version.




Upload files:

With the B2 app, files up to 10GB in size can be uploaded.




When files have successfully uploaded you will receive a dialogue in the notification center of your phone, as shown below.





Delete Files:

Up to 1000 files at a time can be easily deleted through the application





If the files you have selected are unable to complete the deletion process you will receive a pop up in the application itself, as well as in the notification center of your phone as seen below




Delete a Bucket:


Buckets can be easily select for deletion through the app, you have the ability to select more than one bucket for deletion at a time.




Before a bucket can be deleted, all files must first be deleted from the bucket. 



Create a folder within a Bucket:


Click on the bucket that you wish to add a folder to, with the bucket selected click on the "+" icon in the lower right-hand of the screen.




Select "New Folder" from the suggested actions





Choose a name for this folder, and then click the button labeled "Add Folder". After doing so you will see this new folder appear within your bucket





For any other functionality of B2 not mentioned above, such as creating and managing application keys, please use the B2 portion of your Backblaze.com account.