How to setup Vultr Compute with Backblaze B2


Vultr, our new compute partner, unlocks a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to integrating B2 into your technical stack. Through this partnership, developers can now take advantage of free bandwidth between Backblaze B2 and Vultr. This guide will go over the simple steps required to enable this relationship. 


This guide assumes you already have a Backblaze B2 account. If not, create one with this link to get your first 10GB stored free!


New Vultr Customers

1. Use this link to access the Vultr website


2. Select Sign Up at the top right of the website and create an account with a valid email address


That's it! Creating a Vultr account using these steps will enable free egress to and from B2. Reading/Writing B2 data from any compute node created by this account will fall under this agreement automatically. 


Existing Vultr Customers

If you do not have a B2 account create one with this link. No further configuration is needed on the B2 side, we will automatically whitelist data moving to Vultr


There are no additional steps you will need to take on your Vultr side. Egress to Backblaze B2 will be free automatically. 

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