How do you download and extract data from a B2 snapshot?


To download your snapshot, please sign in to Backblaze at:

Click on the “Download” button adjacent to the snapshot you want to download.


Unzip for Windows

If you are running Windows, please note that if your zip file contains non-english file names or is larger than 2GB in size, it may not be able to open using the built-in Windows zip utility. For best results we recommend using 7-zip, which can be found here: An alternative to 7-zip, WinRar can be found here:


Unzip for Mac

You do not need to install any third-party utility on the Mac. Just double-click the .zip file in the Finder to launch Apple’s built-in Archive Utility. If you are having difficulties using Archive Utility, we recommend using Betterzip, which can be found here:


Unzip for Non-Mac OS X or Windows Operating Systems

For operating systems other than Mac OS X or Windows, you can use an Info-ZIP 6.00 compliant unzip tool, like the one found here:


USB Hard Drive

You can order a USB hard drive or flash key that contains the data from your snapshot. The files inside the USB restore will already be unzipped.

To order a USB snapshot restore, please sign into Backblaze at: Make sure you at the 'Snapshots' page. 

You can order either a USB Flash Drive ($99 and up to 110 GB of data) or a USB Hard Drive ($189 and up to 3.5 TB of data).


As of March 2018, the Restore Return Refund program also applies to B2 snapshots restores.




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