Restore Return Refund program - How to return a USB restore drive for refund



The Restore Return Refund program is for Personal Backup and Business Backup customers who do not need to keep a USB drive after they've recovered their lost data. Backblaze offers refunds for returned drives ($99 for USB flash drives, $189 for USB hard drives) within 30 days of receiving the drive, effectively making the process of restoring free!

This is a great option if a customer needs to restore a large amount of data but does not need to own the USB drives after the recovery.

Customers are responsible for return shipping costs back to Backblaze, and for customers outside of the USA, Backblaze will not pay for taxes, duties, customs or fees. Arrange to have them prepaid before shipping. Packages that arrive postage due, or have taxes, fees, duties, customs or fees upon delivery will be refused.

To take advantage of this program, place a USB drive order using the standard process. Once you're ready to return the drive within 30 days of receiving it, erase the drive, pack it back in the inner box, including any cables or power adapters that were included. Please do not include any packing peanuts.

Include a print out of your Billing page from the Backblaze account that placed the order for the USB drive. To access the Billing page, sign in to your Backblaze account, navigate to "Billing" on the left column, and click the "Print" button. Make sure the USB drive purchase shows up on that page - if it does not, you may be signed in to the incorrect account.

To return the drive, ship to:
Backblaze Restore Refund
500 Ben Franklin Ct.
San Mateo, CA 94401

Note: USB drives that are returned without a print out of the Billing page will not be refunded.

It's not necessary to ship with a fast and potentially expensive service, however we do recommend that you use one that supports a tracking number just in case the package does not arrive.

Once the drive has been received, the refund will be processed within a few days and you will be contacted via email to confirm it. Refunds will be sent to the same card that was used to purchase the drive.

While we still suggest you erase your drive yourself, returned drives are securely erased with a standalone hardware USB eraser set to a 3 pass erase, compliant with DoD 5220.22-M standards.

B2 USB Snapshots are not eligible for this program. 

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