Apple Address Book Restore Guide Apple Address Book Restore Guide

Apple Address Book Restore Guide

Lin Lin

To restore your Apple Address Book on Catalina and newer operating systems please follow the below guide


1. Sign in to your account and navigate to the "View/Restore Files" page linked on the lefthand side of the page.




2. Select the method you want to use to restore, either .zip download or restore hard drive.





3. Select the Name of the computer you wish to restore from in the pane at the bottom of the page





4. Once the Correct backup is selected, click through the following path to locate your Apple Address Book  data:


Select the folder and click "Continue with Restore"



5. Once downloaded, drag and drop the files from the restore you created to the appropriate folder on your computer. 




Once you have moved the files over, open the Books application on your computer to make sure that everything has been restored correctly.