Why do I keep encountering Safety Freezes?

The Safety Freeze feature is designed to protect your backup.  If you are encountering repeated Safety Freezes you may want to look into the cause.  There are a few things that can cause a Safety Freeze:

1. The  files in the Backblaze application/program directory are being removed/modified. This could be caused by disk failure, corruption, or disk utilities. If you have any defrag software, you might want to make sure that they have the Backblaze directory excluded.

2. Backblaze is detecting multiple of the same fguids (unique file ids) This can be cause by cloning, Time Machine, Migration assistant, etc.

Here's one way to try to identify what the cause is: please go to your /Library and rename backblaze.bzpkg to something else (on windows, you will want to rename the /Program Files/Backblaze directory). Then uninstall, reinstall and Transfer Backup State to resolve the Safety Freeze. If the freeze occurs again we will know that it is not the first condition.

Finally, you may want to check the integrity of your disks.

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