Creating a Group

Sign In:

To create a group, first log in to your Backblaze account with your email and password. Visit to sign in.

Verify Email:

Once signed in, if you have not already done so, please verify your email. Instructions can be found on the Verify Email FAQ page.

Enable Groups:

Once you have verified your email address, enable Business Groups and confirm that you accept the terms and conditions.

Create A Group:

Once Groups have been enabled, your left-hand navigation will change to show that Business Groups have been enabled. Navigate to the ‘Group Management’ tab to begin creating a group.

After pressing ‘Create a New Group’ you will be able to fill out the form and create your group.


Group Settings:

Group Name:

This is the name of the Group, we recommend using the name of the organization or the group of people who you wish to create this Group for (i.e. CoolCorp-Marketing, CoolCorp-Finance, etc…). We also recommend that the Group names be unique.


Email address’ for Administrators that will manage the group. Administrators have equal rights, and can change group settings, and add/remove other administrators.

This Group Will Pay For:

This is the product or service that the Group will pay for. You can have a Group to encompass Backblaze Online Backup, Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage, or a Group that pays for both. If you need to create a Group which pays for another service, you can create that group and move appropriate Members to it as needed. Once a Group is created, this setting cannot be changed.

Manage Account Rights:

This setting dictates whether or not Group Administrators will be able to manage Group members’ accounts. There are two types of Groups:

  • Unmanaged - Group Administrators pay for Backblaze service, but cannot manage user accounts and create restores.
  • Managed - Group Administrators gain managing rights, including: accessing B2 content, creating restores and changing account settings (i.e. requesting a password reset, changing email address, etc…).

If a Managed Group is created, members will be asked to acknowledge that they allow Group Administrators to manage their account when accepting Group invitations. Once a Group is created, this setting cannot be changed.

Automatically Accepted Domains:

Add domains (,,, etc…) here if you would like to automatically allow Group members from within that domain to join your Group without needing Administrator approval.

Automatic Approval Policy:

Enabling this setting will allow anyone from any domain to be automatically accepted into this Group. Administrators can remove Group members at any time.

Invite Members:

After creating your Group, you will need to invite members. Please visit our Adding Members to a Group FAQ for more information on different invitation methods.


A walkthrough video on all of the above is available on YouTube here.  

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