Quickstart Guide for Hammerspace and Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage Quickstart Guide for Hammerspace and Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage

Quickstart Guide for Hammerspace and Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage

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This guide will help you understand how the Hammerspace platform integrates with B2 Cloud storage. This guide assumes that you already have a Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage account created with a Bucket and Credentials created.


If you do not, Here are some links to get you started.

Backblaze B2 Quickstart Guide

Creating a B2 Bucket using the Web UI

Creating and Managing Application Keys


NOTE: This guide assumes that you already have a working Hammerspace environment and you want to add Backblaze B2 to your workflow.



  1. Login to your Hammerspace environment.



  1. Once Logged in, Go to Infrastructure on the menu bar on the left



  1. On the Infrastructure page, select Storage Systems, then Add Storage System



  1. Give your Storage System a name, and choose, Generic S3 as your Type


  1. This is where you add your Backblaze account information to create a Hammerspace Storage System.
    • Access Key = Backblaze keyID
    • Secret Key = Backblaze applicationKey
    • When adding your endpoint address, be sure to add the HTTPS:// in front
      • Example: https://s3.us-west-000.backblazeb2.com
    • Select the check box, Use V4 auth signing
    • Then Add Storage System

  1. Now that you have added your new Backblaze B2 Storage System, you will see it listed below in your list of configured Storage Systems.


  1. With a Storage System created, you will need to create a Volume.
    • From the Storage Systems page, you can add a Volume by selecting the button on the newly created storage system you just created and following the wizard.

  1. This is where you choose a Backblaze Bucket you had created previously in your Backblaze B2 account. This will associate the Backblaze B2 Bucket as a Volume in Hammerspace.


  1. Choose whether you want to share the volume with another site. Click Next Step. (Refer to Hammerspace documentation on specifics of this feature)


  1. You can set thresholds on your capacity if you like, Auto (unlimited) is the default. Click Next Step.

  1. This is the Review & Add summary page, Click Add Volumes to complete this process.

  1. On the Infrustructure > Volumes page, Now you see the Volume added to the Hammerspace environment.



  1. At this point, Backblaze B2 is now added to a Hammerspace environment. Please refer to your Hammerspace documentation to determine how to utilize writing best and access data in your Backblaze B2 bucket.