Quickstart guide for SFTPCloud Quickstart guide for SFTPCloud

Quickstart guide for SFTPCloud

Ray Ray

SFTPCloud is a managed SFTP service which allows users who utilize cloud storage such as Backblaze B2 to access their cloud data via SFTP and FTPS protocols.

This guide will teach you how to connect Backblaze B2 to your SFTPCloud account.

NOTE: This guide assumes you have already created an SFTPCloud account, a B2 bucket and a Backblaze application key. Please see our bucket creation guide and application key guide if needed.


When signed into your SFTPCloud account dashboard, you will need to create a New SFTP instance:

1 - create new.png

After clicking the blue "New SFTP instance" button, you will be prompted to select one of SFTPCloud's regions. For this guide, we have selected the U.S. region.

2 - select region.png

After selecting the region, you will be prompted to name your instance (a default name is generated) and the cloud storage you wish to use. 

3 - select cloud storage.png

Click the dropdown menu highlighted above and select Backblaze as your "Instance storage".

4 - enter B2 info.png

At this point, you will enter your B2 bucket name, your access keyID and your applicationKey into the appropriate fields. Please also ensure the Region is set accordingly to your existing bucket.

Once you have entered all of the appropriate credentials and details, you are all set!


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