Quickstart Guide for Anchorpoint and Backblaze B2 Quickstart Guide for Anchorpoint and Backblaze B2

Quickstart Guide for Anchorpoint and Backblaze B2

Daniel Pinheiro Daniel Pinheiro


Welcome to the Backblaze guide for Anchorpoint setup and Installation.


This document will show you step-by-step how to configure Anchorpoint with Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage, a simple, reliable, affordable object store.


Anchorpoint has created a simple way to access your project data stored remotely in Backblaze B2. Project sequence and content files can be stored in Backblaze B2 using Anchorpoint a simple asset manager for VFX, animation, and real-time projects directly on your local desktop on a PC or Mac using an intuitive app. New content or changes can easily be uploaded back to B2 using the same interface.




  1. Backblaze B2 account created
  2. Create Backblaze B2 Application Key
  3. Create Backblaze Bucket
  4. Download Anchorpoint application





Once the B2 app key and bucket are created enter them in the Anchorpoint application. Please follow the steps below.


1.  Click on Workspace Settings

The Workspace Settings button in Anchorpoint



2. Select the Actions entry

Workspace Settings in Anchorpoint. The Actions tab is selected



3. Enable Connect Cloud Drive and click on Settings

The Connect Cloud Drive Action in Anchorpoint



4. Choose B2 (Backblaze) as your server and enter the keyId, applicationKey, and Bucket Name (not the key name) that you created in your Backblaze configuration.

The connect Cloud Drive settings in Anchorpoint to configure a Backblaze cloud drive



5. Mount your drive to any letter, leave the workspace settings, and move your mouse to the place where the drives are located. Click on New

Mounting a cloud drive in Anchorpoint



6. Pick your drive letter and press Mount (Windows) or Pick your Volume and press Mount (Mac)

Choosing the leter of a cloud drive in Anchorpoint



7. Your drive should appear configured in the drive section!

The new cloud drive is mounted in Anchorpoint



Integrating with Anchorpoint is simple and straightforward. Anchorpoint integration page for Backblaze B2 located at the URL below shows you how to complete the integration.