GDPR: How to withdraw your consent

You have the right to request that we stop processing the personal data associated with your account. There are three ways we work with such a request.

1. Required Data

Except as noted in Section 2 below, Backblaze only processes personal data associated with your account to the degree necessary to provide you the Backblaze product(s) or service(s) you are using.  For example, we use your email address as part of your account credentials.  Withdrawing your consent will have no effect on how we use your personal data required to operate your account.  To withdraw your consent for such personal data you must cancel your Backblaze account.

2. Customer Selected Options

There are product features (listed below) you can opt-in to use.  In doing so you have allowed us to process the personal data noted.  To withdraw your consent for the account data collected, you simply log in to your account and deactivate these features in the My Settings section of your account.

  • Locate My Computer: This capability is part of the Backblaze Computer Backup and Backblaze Business Backup products.  When you activated this feature, you allowed us to capture and keep your TCP/IP address for the purpose of tracking your computer if it ever lost or stolen.  We can also produce a map showing the approximate location of the computer.  You may withdraw your consent to collect your TCP/IP address and disable the mapping capability by turning off this feature.
  • Two-Factor Verification: In the Backblaze Consumer Backup and Backblaze Business Backup products you can activate the two-factor verification feature.  If you activate this feature you will be required to enter a valid mobile phone number during set-up.  We will capture and keep this phone number as a means to notify you as you requested when setting up the two-factor verification feature.  You can withdraw your consent to use your phone number by disabling the two-factor verification feature.
  • Phone Number in B2 Cloud Storage: If you activated or signed up for the Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage product you were asked to provide a valid phone number for account verification during sign up.  We store this phone number.  You can withdraw your consent to use your phone number by signing in to your account and selecting the remove your phone number option in the settings panel.  Please be advised that doing so will disable the two-factor verification feature.
  • Backup Summary Emails: You can receive email communications regarding the status of your backup. This is not a service level email, so you have the option to set how often you receive these emails: monthly, weekly, or never.  We use your email address and computer name(s) for this purpose.  If you change the setting to never, you will not receive these emails.  We still will retain both the email address and computer name to use for other purposes, for example we display the computer name during the restore process when you list the files on that computer.
  • Marketing Emails: When you created your account you opted-in to receive Marketing emails from Backblaze.  We use your email address for this activity.  If you no longer wish to receive Marketing Emails from Backblaze, you can can take one of two actions: 

    1) You can use the unsubscribe link at the bottom of each Marketing Email, or
    2) You can sign in to your Backblaze account and select the unsubscribe link in the My Settings panel.

    By performing one of the above options, your email address will no longer be used to send you Marketing Email.  It will still be used to support other product functionality such as the account log in process.

3. Processing of Non-Protected data

When we aggregate data for analysis purposes we may use account data from your account that is not considered personal data.  For example, we maintain a count of the number Mac and PC users of our Computer Backup product.  The aggregation action, in this case counting, uses the type of platform, Mac or PC, you are using.  The platform you are using is not considered personal data, as such, a request to withdraw your consent for Backblaze to use such data is not actionable by Backblaze.

Withdrawing Your Consent

You can withdraw your consent and let us know you do not want the personal data we maintain to be used for processing.  We will honor your request based on the discussion above. Below are two options for making a "Withdraw Your Consent" request. 

  1. Send an email to using the email address of your Backblaze account for which you wish to withdraw your consent.  Please specify the scope of your request.   You will be required to demonstrate ownership of the account in question before proceeding.
  2. File a Backblaze Help request.  If you log in to your Backblaze account before you submit the request it will process faster, otherwise you will be required to demonstrate ownership of the account in question before proceeding.

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