Installing and Using an Unused License

If you have purchased a license for your account for a new installation you may be wondering how to apply it to a backup. There are two ways that an unused license can be linked to a backup.


By using the "Download" Option next to the Unused License.

1.  Log in to your account.



2.  Navigate to the "Overview" page of your account, linked on the lefthand side of the page.




3.  On the Overview page, locate the button labeled "Download", next to where you see your Unused License




4. This will download an installation of the Backblaze software on your computer.




5. Open the Backblaze Installer and follow the on-screen prompts to install the software.




6. After the software finishes installing, you will see a new installation properly licensed on the "Overview" page of your account, instead of an unused license.




By Installing Backblaze on the new Computer from the Overview or update page.


1. Like the previous method, navigate to the "Overview" page of your account, linked on the lefthand side of the page. At the bottom of the "Overview" page select the appropraite download link for your Operating Sytem.



Or go to the Update Page and download the apropriate installation for your Operating System 




2. As with the previous method, after downloading the software, follow the onscreen instructions to install.




3. As with the former method mentioned in this article, simply installing the software should result in the new installation being licensed. But if it does not you can manually apply the unused license to the new backup by going to the "Overview" page of your account and selecting the "Use License" button next to the name of the new installation.





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