There are a few different choices you can make when creating a Group:

Backblaze Service

The Backblaze service which Group members can use:

    • Computer Online Backup - unlimited backup at just $70/year
    • B2 Cloud Storage - cloud object cloud storage at just $0.005/GB/month
    • Both - The Group will cover both Online Backup and B2 usage

Managed or Unmanaged

The level of oversight a Group Administrator has over a member’s Backblaze account.

    • Managed - Administrators will be able to “manage” a member’s Backblaze account, including: Browsing data; Creating restores; And updating account information for a user. A user must “opt-in” by acknowledging the administrative rights to join a Managed Group.
    • Unmanaged - Administrators are responsible for paying for the Backblaze service the Group provides, but are otherwise unable to manage a member’s account.


When creating a Group you can select how you would like members to join it. There are a few different options:

    • Restricted: Administrators have to invite users via an Email or unique invitation link - anyone attempting to join will need to be accepted by the Administrator.
    • Automatically Accepted Domains: Anyone within a certain domain (ex: will be automatically accepted into the Group. Anyone else attempting to join will need to be accepted by the Administrator.

Automatic Approval Policy: Anyone with the unique invitation link will be able to join the Group without Administrator approval.


For information on creating a group, please see our "Creating a Business Group" guide.