How to backup OneDrive on Mac How to backup OneDrive on Mac

How to backup OneDrive on Mac

Lin Lin

Recently OneDrive has updated, and in doing so changed the manner in which it backs up on MacOS 12.3 and newer. This new update defaults to having the "Files on Demand" feature enabled, and does not allow it to be disabled as it did in earlier versions.


The "Files on Demand" feature prevents the OneDrive folder from being able to backup to Backblaze, so additional steps must be taken to backup your OneDrive folder. To allow Backblaze to backup Onedrive please do the following:


1. Navigate to "Applications" in your finder window and select OneDrive





2. After you have opened the top-level OneDrive folder, make sure you have the objects in the folder set to show "as Icons".






3. Right-Click or Control-Click in the blank space between icons of the top level folder, and select "Always Keep on This Device" from the drop-down menu.





This will allow the files to be stored locally, as well as allow them to backup to Backblaze.