Network Management - Wi-Fi Block List

You can prevent Backblaze from backing up on selected Wi-Fi networks by adding those networks to a block list. If you add a Wi-Fi network to the block list some Backblaze data may still be transmitted, but Backblaze will NOT upload backup data while connected to that network.

Adding a Network To The Block List

In the Backblaze App open Settings and the Performance Tab. You will see your block list towards the bottom of the screen. To add a network, press “Add”.


Selecting a Network

Once you press “Add” Backblaze will scan for and display a list of all visible Wi-Fi networks. When you see the Wi-Fi network you would like to block, select that network and press “add”. You will no longer back up when connected to that network.


Removing a Network

To remove a Wi-Fi network from the blocked list, select that network in the blocked list, and press “Remove”.


You will now be able to back up when connected to that network.

*Note -> If network changes do not immediately take effect, you may need to press "Pause" on your backup, and then "Backup Now". 

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    This is huge - thank you. I've blown through my data several times when tethered to my phone and forgotten to turn off backblaze. Now if we could have dropbox pause the same way I'd be golden.

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