Backblaze and Bootcamp Backblaze and Bootcamp

Backblaze and Bootcamp

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A Boot Camp partition will require a separate Backblaze license to backup:

Mac OS X can not write to NTFS partitions.  Backblaze on OSX  needs to have the ability to write a few files on each drive to be able to back it up. Due to this, Backblaze is unable to back up Boot Camp partitions, or other drives (like a DVD or CD), that can not be written to.


To install a second license on your Bootcamp partition:

  1. Sign in to your partition and visit and sign in to your Backblaze account with your email address and password.

  2. On the "Overview" page, select the appropriate download link for your operating system at the bottom right-hand corner

  3. Install Backblaze


This will create a new 15 day trial on your account for the new computer that you just installed Backblaze on. After the trial expires, an additional license will be required to continue backing up the new computer. You can purchase an additional license under your account by clicking the 'buy' button on the Backblaze client.