Can Backblaze backup my OneDrive folder? (Windows) Can Backblaze backup my OneDrive folder? (Windows)

Can Backblaze backup my OneDrive folder? (Windows)

Zack Zack

With OneDrive's most recent update, Backblaze Online Backup is unable to back up files synced by OneDrive. 

Both online only and locally available files are assigned reparse point flags, which are only removed when OneDrive is disabled and unlinked from the PC. If you would like the files on your computer in the OneDrive folder to be backed up by Backblaze, please disable OneDrive.

To disable and unlink OneDrive, refer to Microsoft's help article or follow these steps: 

1. Find the OneDrive cloud-like menu icon in your Notification Tray at the bottom right corner of your screen. You may need to click the up arrow to expand more icons. Click on the OneDrive menu icon, click the gear icon at the top right, and finally click Settings.




2. In the Account section linked in the list on the left, click Unlink this PC




3. You will get a notification like the one shown below, reporting that any online only files saved in OneDrive will no longer be shown on your computer. 




Backblaze will automatically start backing up your OneDrive folder once you have made this change. The next scan it performs will pick up those files and start uploading them. This may take a few hours to occur.