iPhoto/Aperture Restore Guide

Locating and Selecting the iPhoto or Aperture Library for Restore


Aperture and iPhoto store photos and the associated metadata in a package file, which will appear as a folder through the Backblaze View/Restore Files page. To restore your iPhoto or Aperture library, the entire folder must be selected. Since meta data (such as edits, ratings, albums, slideshows, and faces) are stored in separate files that are linked to the original image, the entire Library must restored if you wish to retain the meta data. While it is possible to restore just the original image files, all other metadata will be lost without the entire Library. By default, iPhoto or Aperture Libraries are stored in the Users > *Your_Username* > Pictures directory, but this is configurable in iPhoto. 


Below you can see an example of how an average iPhoto will appear on the View/Restore Files page: 



Moving the Restored Library to Your System


Once you have downloaded the restore of your iPhoto or Aperture Library and extracted it from the zip restore, you will simply need to move it the the appropriate location on your computer. Below you can see a screenshot example of the restored iPhoto Library being moved from the restore folder (right) to the user Pictures folder (left). Once moved to the appropriate location, you can open the Library in iPhoto or Aperture by simply double clicking on the Library icon. 


Moving the restored Library from the restore folder to the user Pictures folder:  



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