How Does Backblaze Deal With Mac OS X Packages?

What is a package?

From Apple's article on bundles and packages, "A package is any directory that the Finder presents to the user as if it were a single file."

A common example of packages is the Photos Library




How does Backblaze back up packages? Why do they show up as folders?

Since a package is just a special folder, Backblaze sees it as a folder and backs it up as such. A package will be listed in the left pane of the restore browser, as a folder.

Backblaze's Search feature on the View/Restore Files page only works on files, not folders, so to search for a package, you'll need to enter a search term for a file inside the package, or simply navigate to the location of the package.

How do I see inside a package in the Mac's Finder?

Navigate to the package, control-click on it, and choose Show Package Contents from the popup menu.



If I change a single file in a package, does Backblaze reupload the entire package?

No. Since Backblaze accesses the package as a folder, and looks at the files inside the package, it's very efficient for backups, as only the new or changed files within the package will need to be backed up, rather than the entire thing.

How can I restore an entire package?

On the View/Restore Files interface, navigate to the location of your package in question, and check the selection box next to it in the left pane. The entire package, including all subfolders and files will be selected for restore.



How can I restore just a few files from a package, rather than restore the entire thing?

On the View/Restore Files interface, navigate to the location of your package in question, and click the name of it to expand the contents. From there, navigate the subfolders and files and select what you want to restore.




Do exclusions apply to packages?

Yes - both file type and folder exclusions apply.

Since a package is effectively a special folder, an entire package can be excluded by issuing a folder exclusion and choosing the package itself.

File type exclusions are applied to the files within a package as well as files not within packages, so take care in issuing or removing file type exclusions.

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