How to back up Google Drive

Google Drive has settings in place that can prevent it from being backed up to us. It is important to make sure that Google Drive is configured appropriately so that it is able to be backed up.


googledrivepreferences.png google_drive__my_drive_win.png


On both Mac and PC versions of the Google Drive App, you will want to make sure that the option labeled "Mirror Files" is selected, as files stored only in the Cloud will be unable to backup to Backblaze.


On Windows machines, additional permissions may be needed to allow the backup of Google Drive. Since the folder being accessed is "My Drive", you will want to make sure that if you are on a Windows machine that "System" is given full access for that folder. To access those permissions, you will want to right-click the "My Drive" folder and select "Properties", and then enable SYSTEM permissions under the "Security" tab.



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