Quickstart Guide for Archiware P5 Companion App Quickstart Guide for Archiware P5 Companion App

Quickstart Guide for Archiware P5 Companion App

Udara Gunawardena Udara Gunawardena


Archiware P5 is an extensive software suite that allows users to Backup, Archive, and Sync media files. In this guide, we will go over its companion app which allows you to quickly archive files, restore files and view job statuses.  This guide assumes you already have an Archiware P5 server configured and running. 



  1. Download and install the latest version of the Archiware P5 companion app. 
    If installing on Mac OS you will need to make modifications to your file access policies. You can find a guide on this here

  2. Open the Archiware P5 application. We will first need to add the credentials for your Archiware P5 server. To do this press the menu button at the top right. 

  3. Select your Archive Plan which relates to Backblaze B2. Doing so will allow any files archived through this app to be done so using your B2 bucket. 

  4. Since the P5 Companion application can be used to archive data from any storage
    location accessible by the workstation machine where it is running, the P5 Server
    needs to be configured for each storage location from which a user may wish to
    archive. To do this we will need to modify the Group Settings and add any paths that would contain any data you'd archive. 

    Click "Group Preferences" under Advanced Options at the bottom left. Double click the group profile you logged in with in step 2. 

  5. Add all paths that would contain data marked for archiving.
    Avoiding this step will cause path errors when adding files to be archived in the companion app
  6. Your companion app is now properly set up let's go over a couple of the main use-cases



Dragging media into the archive window will automatically set up the archive job for you with the given Archive Plan you set. 


P5 Companion App - Archive



Archiware will queue the Archive job for you and start it once jobs before it complete



The monitor section will allow you to see all jobs currently queued along with detailed information on currently running jobs. You also will get a list of completed jobs along with exit statuses (Pass/Fail)