Quickstart Guide for Weap.IO and B2 Cloud Storage Quickstart Guide for Weap.IO and B2 Cloud Storage

Quickstart Guide for Weap.IO and B2 Cloud Storage

Eric Adams Eric Adams



Weap.io is a simple SaaS backup solution for servers and databases.


Weap.io allows you to specify other cloud object storage targets other than their own. In this article, we will go over the steps on how to configure Backblaze B2 as a target for Weap.io.



1) Once you have logged into Weap.io, you will need to add a storage location.

  • Hover over your user account name on the top right of the screen.
  • Select Storages
  • Click Add new Storage


2) Now add the appropriate information for your Backblaze B2 bucket information

  • Select Provider: Backblaze B2
  • Give the storage a Friendly Name
  • Specify: Bucket Name, Key ID (Access Key ID), Application Key (Access Key Secret)
  • Choose the Backblaze Region your bucket is in


3) Now that you have your Backblaze B2 storage configured, you will need to configure your backup job.

NOTE: By default, weap.io is configured as the default storage target location, you will need to change that after the backup schedule is created to Backblaze B2.


4) From the backup schedule screen, Choose the name of your backup, (ex. Backblaze Droplet), and select "Change Storage"


5) Now change the storage location from Weap.io Storage to Backblaze B2. and click, "Change Storage"



At this point, Weap.io is ready to start backing up data to Backblaze B2. For further assistance with Weap.io backup configuration please refer to their website weap.io .


NOTE: Backblaze B2 Object Lock functionality is currently not supported by Weap.io