Adding Members to a Group Adding Members to a Group

Adding Members to a Group

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Inviting a member to your Group

To invite a member to your group please sign in to your account at and navigate to the “Invite & Approve” tab. Once there you will be able to select the Group you would like to invite people to, and either send emails, or see your unique invitation link. You can send the link to Members that you would like to add to your group, or post it to internal message boards or intranets.



If you would like to send an Invitation Email, press the “Send Invite Emails” button underneath your unique invitation link. You will be able to enter the email addresses of the individuals you would like to invite to the Group. Backblaze will then send them an email with your unique invitation link. You can preview that email by pressing “Preview Your Message in Another Window”.




Any members that you have invited that have not yet accepted their invitation will show up under the “Sent Invites” section of the “Invite & Approve” page.


Members Requesting an Invitation

If you post your unique Group Invitation Link to a message board, corporate intranet, or share it publically anyone will be able to click your link. If your Group is setup to automatically allow certain domains or any members seeking to join, they will automatically be added to your Group and you will be charged for their license.

If your Group requires an Administrator to accept members, their request for approval will appear under the “Requesting Membership” tab. You can either accept the request, or deny a request. The requesting user will be notified whether they are accepted or rejected.