Disabling Version History Disabling Version History

Disabling Version History

Casey Casey

To disable the version history feature, you will need to sign in to your account with Backblaze.

Once you are signed in to the Backblaze web portal, you will see your computers listed in the overview section.

Select the machine you would like to disable version history on and click the Change link, next to version history.


Then select 30 days, which is the default amount of file retention, then click the Update button.



Once you turn off version history, ALL version history past 30 days will immediately be removed from the Backblaze system, this includes all data backed up from external drives as well.  If you had version history on for five years, and turn it off, then immediately turn it back on, all of the data past the 30-day mark will be gone permanently.  Please disable version history with care.