Backblaze Maintenance Schedule

The Backblaze Maintenance Schedule page can be found here:

Backblaze has a maintenance window scheduled every
Thursday from: 2:00pm - 4:00pm Pacific Time.

During this time the following services may be unavailable: making a new purchase, installing new trials, signing in to your account, creating new accounts, enabling B2, and creating a master Key.

Please note the following B2 calls may also be affected: b2_create_bucket, b2_delete_bucket

Most other parts of the service will remain unaffected.

We expect maintenance to be completed by 4:00pm Pacific Time. If the maintenance window needs to be extended, please keep an eye on our Twitter account during the maintenance window for updates: @Backblaze. For longer planned maintenance, updates will be posted to the Backblaze Blog prior to the maintenance taking place. 

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