Saving Files to B2 from Computer Backup Saving Files to B2 from Computer Backup

Saving Files to B2 from Computer Backup

Christopher Christopher

You can now send files from your Backblaze Personal Backup and Business Backup to Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage.

To use this feature your account must have Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage enabled via the account settings page,or through the wizard the first time you use the feature. Once B2 is enabled, you can store up to 10GB of data for free, with up to 1 GB of download bandwidth free per day. Additional usage will follow normal Backblaze B2 pricing. Your selected files will be stored securely in your private B2 Cloud Storage account as a decrypted .zip Snapshot until you delete the Snapshot from B2.

Save Files to B2

You can now select B2 as a destination for your files during the Restore process. Files saved in B2 as a Snapshot will be kept indefinitely until removed by the user. Select “Save Files to B2” as your Restore Method.



Select Files

Select the files you wish to download. You can select individual files, multiple files, or entire folders and directories. Once selected, press "Continue with Restore". 


Please note that the maximum Snapshot size is 10 TB. Additionally, if you already have B2 enabled any caps or limits you have set will also apply.

Name Restore

Once you select the files you wish to send to B2 and press “Continue With Restore”, you will be given an estimate for how much that data will cost to store in B2, and can give the restore a name.


Viewing Your Snapshot

Once you save your restore to a B2 Snapshot, it will appear in the Snapshots section of your Backblaze account. From the Snapshots page you can download, order a restore drive, or delete your saved Snapshot at any time.



Deleting Your Snapshot

To delete a Snapshot, select that Snapshot and press the delete button (red circle) to the right of it.

Keep Your Restore Longer

If you have a .zip restore already, you can Keep Your Restore Longer by moving it to Backblaze B2. To learn more please go here: Keep Computer Backup Restores Longer With B2.