How to get your B2 Integration on the B2 Integrations webpage

Have you have created a B2 Integration that you'd like showcased on the Backblaze website on the B2 Integrations webpage? If so, then you should check out the B2 Integration Checklist. The checklist contains the guidelines you should to follow in the development and testing of your B2 Integration. Once you have reviewed the checklist and believe you comply with the items listed, you submit your Integration for approval. We will review your application and if you are approved, your integration will be added to the B2 Integration page.

Some of the areas of evaluation are:

  1. Uploading a file
  2. Multi-threading uploads
  3. Multi-threading downloads
  4. Error handing
  5. File version management

The B2 Integration itself should be hosted and available for download from your public website or a well known 3rd party website such as GitHub. The B2 Integrations webpage will point to that integration.

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