My Files Appear Empty (0 KB) After a Restore (Win)

The problem: many files recovered after a restore appear as 0 KB in size and will not open. 

Unzipping restores with the built in Windows unzip utility can cause empty, invalid or 0KB files.


Using an alternate unzip tool is the best way to resolve this.


Our preferred recommendation is the Backblaze Downloader. Launch it, and click the Unzip File button -


Some alternate choices:


7-Zip: 7-Zip powers the unzipping end of our Downloader, but can handle errors more gracefully. After you've downloaded and installed 7zip, you can right click on your restore zip, and choose 7-Zip -> Extract to "restorename" You can download 7-Zip from


Info-Zip: Download it from . Drag and drop your restore zip on top of the "unzip.exe" program. It will auto-launch and begin unzipping in the location of your restore zip. You will get folders named after your drive name of the data you selected (such as "C" and/or "D", etc.)

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