Quicken Restore guide for the Mac Quicken Restore guide for the Mac

Quicken Restore guide for the Mac

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Sign into the Backblaze.com site

Click the "Sign in to Restore" link and enter your Backblaze account email address and password.


Select the Computer you want to Restore

Click the "Restore File" link next to the computer's name you want to restore.


Select the Quicken documents to Restore

Usually the Quicken documents are found in: 
Macintosh HD > Users > YOURNAME > Documents
For Quicken Essentials the folder will end in '.quickendata'
For Quicken 2007 the folder will end in '.qdfm'


Download the restore zip file

Backblaze will email you when your restore file has been prepared. It can take anywhere from a minute to a few hours depending on the size of the download file. You can then click on the 'My Restores' page and download the zip restore. Usually your web browser (Safari, Firefox) will download the restore file to your 'Downloads' folder. Wait for the download to complete and then double click the zip file to uncompress the files.



Copy Restores to the Correct Folder

The restore file should unzip in your 'Download' folder and be called 'Users'. Open up the folder till you see your Quicken file. You can double click to open it, but we recommend that you move the restored Quicken file to your Documents folder.

Quicken icon is not showing on the folder - Generally this is because Quicken has not been installed on the computer. Please be sure to install the Quicken software. If you install the Quicken software post restoring it just log out and back in again. The icon should show itself. 

When I click on my Quicken data it just opens a folder - In this case open the Quicken application and pick File-->Open from the menu. Then use the open file dialog box to find the newly restored file.