Apple Mail Restore Guide Apple Mail Restore Guide

Apple Mail Restore Guide

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To restore your Apple Mail from your Backblaze backup do the following:

Sign in to the site

Sign in to your Backblaze account using your Backblaze email address and password.

Select the Computer you want to Restore

Navigate to the "View/Restore Files" page of your account linked on the left-hand side.

Select the Mail Folder to Restore

On the "View/Restore Files" page click through the following path: 
Macintosh HD > Users > YOURNAME > Library > Mail
Select the Mail folder and click the button 'Continue with Restore'


Download the restore zip file

Backblaze will email you when your restore file has been prepared. It can take anywhere from a minute to a few hours depending on the size of the download file. You can then click on the 'My Restores' page and download the zip restore. Usually, your web browser (Safari, Firefox) will download the restore file to your 'Downloads' folder. Wait for the download to complete and then double click the zip file to decompress the files. 


Copy Restores to the Correct Folder

The restore file should unzip in your 'Download' folder. Open the new folder to view the restored file. In another window, go to Macintosh HD > Users > YOURNAME > Library > Mail
We recommend creating a new folder called 'old' and put your local copy of the Apple Mail files inside. Then select and move your restored files from the Download folder to the local Mail folder. 


Open Apple Mail and make sure your email has been restored successfully.