"Missing COMPUTER" "Missing COMPUTER"

"Missing COMPUTER"

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I received a "Missing COMPUTER" email, what do I do?



IMPORTANT! - If you are missing any data from your machine you should immediately prepare a restore!


If your computer has been active and connected to the internet, this usually indicates that Backblaze may have been uninstalled.  To reinstall Backblaze:

1. Go to https://secure.backblaze.com/update.htm
2. Download the client.
3. Reboot the machine fully, to make sure Backblaze is stopped.
4. When the computer is up and running, run the installer and click install now (be sure to login with the same account.)


After you run the installer If the client shows as a 'trial' you can follow these steps to connect to your backup and paid license:


1. Once you have the trial setup, Reboot your computer.

2. Once the computer reboots, choose "Inherit Backup State" from the Backblaze menu bar icon (Mac, top right of screen) or taskbar icon (Windows, bottom right of screen).


3. Provide your email address and password for your Backblaze account and choose "Sign In".

4. In the list, choose the old backup to inherit


It may take some time for the backup to complete the process and resume backing up. You may see all your files queued for backup, but a majority of them should recognize they're already backed up, and "deduplicate" resulting in them updating on the server rather than re-uploading.