Refer-A-Friend FAQ Refer-A-Friend FAQ

Refer-A-Friend FAQ

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What is the Backblaze Refer-A-Friend program?

The Backblaze Refer-A-Friend Program lets you give your friends a month of Backblaze online backup for free, and gives you a month for every friend that signs up.


How do I access it?

Sign in to your Backblaze account and go to the “Get Backblaze Credits” section on the left-hand side of the page.



How does it work?

On the “Get Backblaze Credits” page you will see your unique referral link. You can Tweet, Share, and email that link to anyone you know. You can also enter a friend's email into the "To" field and click "Send Friends an Invite" to send them an invite via email. 

If you refer a friend to Backblaze, we will contact your referred friend to determine whether your friend consents to us contacting them.



How do I see the status of friends I’ve invited?

You’ll see the status of your invites by clicking on the “See the status of friends I’ve invited” button.  You’ll be able to see who you’ve invited, who has created an account, and who has purchased Backblaze. Once your friend purchases, they will receive one free month of Backblaze, and you’ll receive one month’s worth of Backblaze credited to your account.




What does “a month’s credit” mean?

Backblaze will discount you the equivalent of one month’s charge on your next renewal.

For example:
If you are paying monthly, that means if you have one computer and three friends sign up, your next three monthly renewals will be $0.

If you are paying for a $70/year annual plan in February and signed up 2 friends, your renewal next year will be $58 because:
• You are paying $70/12 months = approximately $6/month.
• Your renewal will be $70 – (2 friends x $6.00 discount) = $58


What happens if I have more than one computer?

You get the same discount on your next renewal. For example, if you have 2 computers costing you a total of $14/month and you have one friend sign up, giving you $7/off, your next renewal will cost $7.


When do I get credit for the people that I refer?

You will get a credit once the person you refer has a Backblaze subscription payment successfully processed. 


Does it matter if my friend signs up for a monthly, annual, or bi-yearly subscription?

No – you’ll still get your free month no matter which plan they choose.


Can I somehow get Backblaze totally for free?

Yes! The more people that you get to sign up, the more you get taken off of your next renewal.


What if I do not see the invite link?

Currently, this program is available for customers who have paid for Backblaze Online Backup with a credit card. Any accounts that are currently on a trial, a prepaid code, or are a member of a Business Group are not eligible for the Refer-a-Friend program.


Can I refer someone who already has a Backblaze account?

No – the system is designed to be used to refer Backblaze to brand-new customers only. Existing accounts of all types (credit card, prepaid code, trial, or Business Group) aren't eligible to be referred. Expired (both paid and expired trial), canceled, or former Backblaze accounts are also not eligible to be referred.