How do I update Backblaze?

There's three ways you can update Backblaze to the newest version:

• Periodically, Backblaze will automatically update all users to the newest version of Backblaze. No action is required from the user.


• You can manually check for updates by pulling down the Backblaze menu bar icon or clicking on the Backblaze notification area / system tray icon and choosing "Check for Updates." If an update is available, you can download and install it. Do not uninstall first.


• You can visit and manually download the Backblaze installer for Mac or Windows. Do not uninstall, just install over the top of the existing version.


Note, for Network Administrators, will always point to the newest version of Backblaze.


Group Administrators or those needing to update multiple users with a Silent Installer should refer to our guide on the Silent Installer found here: 

Does Backblaze have a Silent Installer?

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