Where is the Backblaze menu? Where is the Backblaze menu?

Where is the Backblaze menu?

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On both Mac and Windows, the Backblaze menu contains:

• Backblaze Preferences / Control Panel

• Restore Files

• Check for Updates

• Help

• Inherit Backup State

• About


"Check for Updates" is unique to this menu and is not available in the main Backblaze Preferences / Control Panel.


On the Mac, the Backblaze menu is in the main system menu bar (if the menu is not present on your menu bar, you can turn it on by opening the Backblaze System Preference, clicking Settings, and choosing "Show Backblaze icon in the menu bar):




On Windows, the Backblaze icon is in the notification area, also known as the system tray.






If the Backblaze menu icon isn't visible, you may need to click the expansion arrow to reveal it.