Is Backblaze going to offer Linux support?

With the release of B2 from Backblaze, this now give Linux users an option to backup their data to our cloud storage service.  

There are API's that can be utilized to create your own tools, the information can be found here:

There is also a b2 command line tool that can be used to upload data, or scripted to upload data on a schedule. The information on how to install the b2 command line tool is here:

Alternatively, you can use 3rd party tools for Linux (duplicity, clouberry, qbackup) to upload data. More information on 3rd party tools with b2 integrations is here:

If you are interested in duplicity, there is a link on how to configure it here:


The B2 service is not a flat fee for storage, but it does happen to be very reasonably priced at $0.005 (a half of a cent) per GB per month.

More information from pricing and with costs for API transactions and download costs can be found here:


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