How does Backblaze support Linux Users? How does Backblaze support Linux Users?

How does Backblaze support Linux Users?

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With the release of B2 from Backblaze, Linux users now have the ability to back up to our cloud storage service. See our Quick Start Guide for B2.

There are a variety of options for using Linux with B2. These include open-source (free) and commercial applications, command-line (CLI) and graphical interface (GUI) tools, and tools that include encryption, automation, hybrid NAS/B2 support, mounting remote archives as volumes, and other capabilities.

Backblaze also offers an API that can be used to create your own tools that work with B2. That information can be found here:

There also is a B2 command line tool that can be used to upload data, and used in scripts to upload data on a schedule. The information on how to install the B2 command line tool is here:

Linux Applications for B2

Linux-based tools that support B2 include Duplicity, MSP360, qBackup, GoodSync, HashBackup, Duplicacy, and Restic, with more coming. Other options are available for B2 that include NAS support and hybrid solutions.

You can read about third-party tools that support B2 at

Duplicity and Restic Tutorials

If you are interested in Duplicity or Restic, we've written articles on how to configure them for use with B2:



B2 Pricing & Cost Calculator

B2 costs are based on the amount of data stored. Information about B2 pricing can be found here:

If you wish to compare B2 pricing against major competitors, we have a cost calculator at: