How to disable encryption on Backblaze USB restore hard drives

Please note: all restore drives are formatted to the operating system of the computer the restore was created from.


How to disable encryption on Backblaze external USB restore hard drives so they don't prompt for a password at every boot or connection.


Note: This applies to hard drives only. For help removing encryption from USB Flash Drives, please see our guide: How to remove encryption from a Flash Drive Restore using BitLocker


• Download and install WD Security for 



• Open the WD Security application you just installed

• If prompted, unlock the drive using the drive's password (screenshots are from a Mac but the Windows version is functionally identical)


• Choose the "Remove Password" radio button, and enter the drive's password in the password field


• Click the "Update Security Settings" button to remove the password


• The drive is now unlocked and will not prompt for future unlocks on any computer

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