Cannot Connect to Backblaze due to Security Certificate - Win

Due to a widely used internet certificate expiring on September 30th, users running older versions of their operating systems will need to update their certificate manually in order to access our website along with other websites, as well as to continue backing up.


This issue largely impacts users on Windows 7. It can present as an Insecure Connection error when trying to access or as the software itself reporting that the last backup was completed on September 29th, and that it has not been able to backup since then.


If you are running Windows 7 you will need to perform all optional Windows updates to fully patch your system, then navigate to and run our latest installer to ensure this change is implemented in our client.


If you are running Windows 8 or Windows 10 you should not be affected by this issue. However, if something is misconfigured on Windows 10 the problem could present itself.


If you are running Windows 10, and are seeing this certificate issue, please use the following steps to ensure that the correct certificate is in place:


Download the certificate from and make sure it is in your Downloads folder.


Find PowerShell in your Start Menu, right-click on it and Run as Administrator. You can find several ways to do that here:


Once open, copy and paste this command into PowerShell, then hit Enter:

Import-Certificate -FilePath $env:USERPROFILE\Downloads\isrgrootx1.pem -CertStoreLocation Cert:\LocalMachine\Root


After doing the above run our latest installer from to ensure this change is implemented in our client. Let Backblaze run for a few hours and then check back for progress.

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