Setting Up Extended Version History With Business Groups Setting Up Extended Version History With Business Groups

Setting Up Extended Version History With Business Groups

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If you are running Backblaze Version 7.0 or later, you can increase Group member’s Version History from 30 days to “1-Year” (365 days) or “Forever” on the Group Management page of your Admin Backblaze account. Extended Version History is on a per Group basis. If a Group has a“1-Year” or “Forever” Version History, this applies to all backups within that Group. Increasing Version History to“1-Year” means that all versions of changed, updated, or deleted files will be available to restore for 1 year after they were changed, updated, or deleted. If you would like versions of your modified or deleted files to never be removed from your backup, you can increase Version History to “Forever.” External hard drives that are selected for backup are included in Version History, and can, therefore, be recovered even if a drive has been disconnected more than 30 days.



When choosing a Version History option, there will be dialogue explaining when this Version History begins, the prorated amount you will pay today, and how much your next renewal will increase by.


For additional information about Version History, including pricing, please see here.


Please note: With Extended Version history, files removed over 30 days ago, or external drives disconnected for longer than 30 days will be retained on our servers; however, if files/drives have not been present for longer than 30 days they will not appear in your current backup view. You can adjust the date and time preferences in your View/Restore Files section to locate data that has been deleted, overwritten, or otherwise removed from the computer being backed up. Please reference the below guide on how to do so:
Restoring Deleted or Previous Versions of Files